2 hours in the books.
jason bigonia made a liar out of me on yard 2
as he blew back into camp with a 42.
who knows,
he might have just been loosening up his legs.

when you are going deep
these early hours are just a period of establishing a rhythm,
setting up your checkpoints,
and slowly accumulating the miles that get you into the meat of the race.

checkpoints are a staple for the serious backyard runner,
checking your time at this tree, or that rock
pretty soon you know exactly how long it takes to finish from that point.
you can track your progress lap by lap
maintaining a consistency.
finding that mix of where you walk,
where you run,
how fast you do each part…

seeking that sweet spot,
where the running and resting reach the optimal mix.

everything is about conserving your resources.
stretching that mpg
postponing the difficult yards as long as possible.

this is just a nice saturday morning jog in the woods
on a cool and pleasant fall day.
but, in the backs of their minds,
everyone knows what is coming.