4 yards in the bank,
out on number 5.

this is probably the sweet spot of backyard running.
everyone is good and loose now.
nothing hurts.
the tiny niggling problems have not begun to show themselves.
you truly feel as if you could run forever.

but these are veteran backyarders.
they know you cannot run forever…

not without a price to pay.

running a backyard is like getting punched in the face.
every hour.
not hard.
just a tiny, light punch.
at first you dont even feel it.
as the hours pass,
your nose starts to flatten.
your eyes to blacken.
that punch starts to hurt.
and you start wincing when you see it coming…

in the backyard,
you just keep stepping up to the line for one more.

dont remind them right now,
right now everyone feels fantastic.
they feel like they could run like this forever.