terri biloski on life support

she sprint finished yard 7 with seconds to spare,
and had to scramble to get back in the starting corral with 3 seconds left.
her crew was unable to pass her fluids before the bell rang,
so she is back out with nothing.

our cool weather is canadian midsummer
and it is pressing her sorely.

but all she needs to do is survive another couple of hours to get out of the heat of day.

it is supposed to be in the 30’s tonight
(approaching zero for the celcians out there)
then it will be great for terri.
and andres
(who lives in the equator)
will be the one to worry about!

prayers for terri to survive the next few yards.
she is on life support.
the 34 are cheering her on
i am sure someone with a bottle will share water.
they all want to stick together for now.
they need each other to go deep.