the 15th hour has begun.
this is where they pass the 100km mark.
not that anyone sees it as an important landmark,
but it helps in plowing thru these setup loops
to have things to tick off along the way.
a 15 hour 100km is not that impressive.
but it is more credible than a 12 hour 50 mile.
and that is how the backyard goes.
each mark you reach is more impressive than the last.
25 miles in 6 hours is kid stuff.
50 miles in 12 is credible,
but not impressive.
15 hours for 100km just a little better than the 50 mile.
24 hours for 100 miles is pretty good.
a lot of people do that,
but not the majority.
200 miles in 48.
at that point only a very few can boast of that achievement.
but, we get ahead of ourselves.
which is something the backyarder cannot do.
it requires a steady effort
and living in the moment,
each yard has to be done in its order
keeping a steady effort
and attention to preserving their physical resources.
this yard makes 100km
and that is all.
it is a long time until dawn.
but the 33 remain steadfast in their task.