and so we have all 32 out on yard 25.
back on the trail.
no one stopped at 100.
actually, of the three we have lost,
only one went out by being unable to finish a loop
and no one has quit.

the other two just made mistakes that knocked them out.
this is a quality field.

a funny thing.
at least to me.
when i told them at the start of yard 24
that it would be light when they got back,
they scoffed.

they had been running in the dark and cold for so long
i dont think they believed it would ever end.

but they responded to the onset of light with a corresponding lift in spirits.
everyone seemed really happy lining up and heading out.

of course there is some perspective here.
they are only halfway to where the real race begins.
what these 32 athletes are facing
is repeating EVERYTHING they have done in the past 24 hours….

and that will only put them in position to compete for the win.

no one seems the least discouraged by that prospect.
this is the game they came to play.