all 32 finished yard 26.
but now we can see several that might be having some internal struggles.
sarah moore has been coming in without much time.
her crew waiting at the finish line to try and plug the leaks in the minute or so between coming in and going back out.

she has a 48 on this course,
so we know she has it in her.
but this is one of those rough stretches that every deep yards backyarder has to fight thru.

she hasnt shown any quit,
but fighting thru this low spell has to be taking something out of her.

at this point in the race,
the mantra for the bad spell is;
“survive to get back to the easy road loops”
that will be 9 hours from now…
and it only means a return to the dark, cold, loneliness that they were trying to survive to get back to the trail.
the runners only have two options.
and they are both worse.

i have seen a lot of backyards,
but there is something entirely different about an all-elite field backyard race.
these people are every one made of sterner stuff than me.
it is at once inspiring
and intimidating
to see the amount of physical and mental punishment that they can absorb in the pursuit of victory.
at this point it is the will to win that propels them on.
and on they go.