the 31st hour was like gettysburg.
we lost 4.
matthew shepard, who had been strong as a bull
fell and damaged his hip.
limping badly, he barely made it in to finish 31.
shawn webber made it in,
but he was ready to pull the plug.
ron wireman and jennifer russo did not finish within the hour.

just like that we are down to 23.

of course a lot of runners have fallen well short of the marks they had recorded in qualifying.
but the difficulty of big’s is easily overlooked due to the quality of fields that have run here….

which is only fitting for a race to be considered a world championships….

here are some statistics:
most 30 yard performances in a single race:

27-big dog’s backyard ultra 2021
21-big dog’s backyard ultra 2019
16-big dog’s backyard ultra 2018
15-ohio’s backyard ultra 2021
12-suffolk backyard ultra 2021
11-capitalbackyard ultra 2021
10-last one standing florida manor 2021
it only follows that this year’s field,
despite the issues caused by covid restrictions was indeed the best ever assembled.
the number of runners over 30 yards would support that,

there have been some casualties this last few hours
but there are still 23 athletes out on yard 32

the fun has just begun.

so i need to take a quick nap.
the 10 minute sleep i got overnight is about to wear off!