all 19 completed the 36th yard,
and all 19 just went out on 37.
the most 36 hour runners ever in a backyard,
it is an accomplishment of the entire field.

for every “favorite” who is out
there is an “underdog” still in.
it is the backyard.
every entrant came knowing it was possible for them to win.
they just have to keep stepping into the starting corral
and answering the bell
until they were the only one.
19 left
16 gone.
the surviving runners have almost doubled their chances of winning.
this is not lost on them.

we are still thinking in terms of team achievements.
to the best of my recollection there have never been more than 5 runners hit 48 hours in one race.
(i would have to confirm that)
i think we have a good chance to surpass that.
the only runner in the group that has looked a little shaky at times is gavin woody.