dave proctor did not make it back on the 41st yard.
13 remained as we began hour 42, 1 away from naming the dirty dozen.
there is speculation as to who will be the last one not to make that list.

i will tell you this right now.
this is turning into the most intense big’s we have ever seen.
i guess that only makes sense,
with the strongest field we have ever seen.

but it is the stories that are making it so powerful.
from the teams;
pairs of runners who have come with every intention of being the final two.
the assist and the world champion.
to the humble youngster,
who just wanted to put in a performance that demonstrated that he “belonged” in a field like this…

he belongs.

no one is discounting the possibility that he ends up winning the whole thing.

the crewless runner,
now being crewed by a fallen competitor.

the wounded warrior, who simply refuses to quit.

every runner left has come here for one purpose.
to win.

the race was supposed to start at 48 hours.
but an intensity has been gradually growing over the last few hours
until it is like electricity in the air.
every runner remaining is the kind of hardnosed, steely-eyed, rockjawed iron willed competitor that will never yield an inch.
i think the race has turned serious already.
after 175 miles of preliminaries, it is time to get serious.

we might be here a long time.