all 9 completed the 44th yard.

everyone still on the road looks very strong and determined.
it has turned into a very intriguing race,
because there is a reason to believe that every one of them might win;

eric from canada took a very deliberate path to bigs, signing up for the golden ticket race specifically to win a place here.
He hasn’t made a secret of his intention to win,
and right now he looks like the race just started an hour ago.

terumichi and yokinori are the best of a growing backyard movement in japan.
they would like nothing better than to sweep the win and assist for their home country,
and have been running very consistent and controlled races. terumichi is younger
and has been consistently faster each yard,
but it was yokinoriwho won the japanese national championship,

jason from maine has previously only raced in his home state,
but he is undefeated in the backyard.
initially he was a little awed at being in a field with so many elite backyarders,
and said his goal was to prove he belonged….

he belongs.
the longer he runs with the best,
the more confidence he will have.

chris also took a very deliberate path to the championship, entering the same golden ticket race as steve.
he kept the race going until he had the number of yards that was certain to earn an at large slot
and then stopped.
he was saving his best for the big show.

piotr has championship experience,
and finished well, but not at the top.
he has refined his strategy since the last championships
and won a golden ticket against top competition.
his race this year is tactically far superior to his last attempt.

harvey has a pair of assist finishes at the championship.
like chadovich he has refined his strategy,
and is running a very controlled race this year.
he wants that top spot that has eluded him twice.

steve (and his crew/wife) are both among the best 100 mile/24 hour runners in the US.
steve also came into this deliberately with the intention to win a world title.
he won the race with roberts in the capital backyard golden ticket event,
against probably the strongest field in any GT event.
their competition really has picked up here where it left off there.

jon noll with a 50 yard performance proved that he is among the best.
undefeated in the backyard,
this is his first foray into championship competition,
but he shows no sign of being overawed and is running really strong….

conclusion: an argument can be made for any one of the nine to win the championship..