the nine finished yard 49 in pretty much the same times they were running the night loops last night.
if you study the faces
you can detect a little strain on a couple
but there was no distress showing.

they lined up in the corral early
i might have seen a smile or two.
they all leaned into the bell
as if it was all they could do to wait for it to take off
and then they all left at a run.
if anything they looked fresher than yesterday.

harvey took off like a shot again.
jason brought up the rear
but i dont think he was going slow
so much as everyone else was going fast.

we are going to have 9 runners hit 50 yards in the same race.

here in camp construction projects are under way
the big tops are being converted into apartments
with tarps scavenged from abandoned campsites.

the crews are settling in for the long haul.