the race is evolving hour by hour.
that initial burst of energy that came with the sun was shortlived.
it has been replaced by hour to hour survival.
the first few yards after sunup harvey was blasting the loops.
terumichi was a distant second.
jason and eric brought up the rear.
eric and jason succumbed to the death spiral.
and now it is yukinori who is completing his yards with less and less time cushion
(and thus less and less rest)
terumichi has taken over the position of leading the magnificent 7 home each yard
with harvey trailing him by a little more every hour.
i dont know that there are a lot of mind games going on right now.
it is more a matter of just staying alive
and waiting to get back to the road!
this seems to be a pattern at the bigs.
during trail time
the runners end up trying to hang on until they reach the road.
during the road time
they end up trying to hang on until they reach the trail.
whatever you are doing is so bad,
that whatever you are not doing must be better,