at the end of the pack it has become a struggle for survival.
finishing the loop ahead of the clock is life.
first the clock ate eric then it ate jason,

since then it has been yukinori hanging by a thread.
the last 2 hours he has finished with a minute and a half to spare.
fortunately he has moved his tent to within 5 feet of the finish
and is able to get close to a minute of sitting aid
before he has to jump in the starting corral.

every time he wins this race
he adds a yard to his total.

at the front now every time,
terumichi has close to 10 minutes.
chris has moved ahead of harvey now
and the rest are strung out back to yukinori.

2 of the runners (or crew)
have insisted on keeping their tents in the original full field location.
this means 12 to 15 seconds extra before getting aid….

what is 12 seconds?
well, when you are getting a minute and a half between laps
12 seconds coming and going is a full third of your rest time!!

so, in a race now in its third day
moving an aid tent 50 feet could gain the runner an extra yard before it is over.
hell, in the struggle to survive to reach the faster road loops at night
it could mean the difference between staying in the race for another 12 hours
and getting timed out.