62 hours have come and gone.
the final four survivors all came in
and all went back out onto yard 63.

harvey is looking strong.
terumichi is showing the wear and tear
but still looks to be full of fight.
chris is hard to read.
but, nobody has reached this point without damageā€¦

i was going to say that jon’s limp appeared to be slightly better,
altho it was still pretty severe,
but was interrupted by jon’s return.

he had reached his limit.

so now we have only three on the course.
it is the backyard and anything can happen
but none of those three appears to be at the tipping point.

out in the darkness
three weary warriors push on
at this point that sweet victory has never seemed closer.
all that remains
is to break the will of two more opponents.

they have been on the road for going on three days now,
with nothing more than cat naps
the exhaustion
and the physical pain
mark the boundaries of their world.,
the only thing propelling them forward
is sheer force of will.

no matter how magnificent the performance
only one can prevail.
the other two will walk away with nothing,