why dont we just say it;
this is a blood sport.

there are three of them left.
harvey; whose sense of humor has been temporarily suspended
terumichi; who has an air that says he will never stop stepping to the line
and chris; the inscrutable.

they have been running for almost 64 hours now.
every hour they have to be at the line,
ready to go.
anything they want to do
has to be done in 5 minutes
because the pressure never stops.

and there are only two ways to end it.
either you give up…

or everyone else does.

and when you walk to the line
there is noting that says either of those other two will ever give up.

this hell could end in an hour….

or it could go on for another day.
maybe the day after that.

we have three stubborn runners
this could go on for a while.