it feels cruel.
but it is the rules.

when a backyarder is giving everything they have to finish a yard under the time limit
and you greet them by blowing the whistle
it just seems mean.
but if it is time,
it is time.

chris has been dredging up a fast enough one-legged walk to come in under the time limit
and he has been doing it for several hours now…

and every time i just blow the whistle and make him go right back out again.

harvey and terumichi are still matching sprints.
but the 6 minute mile pace has fallen off to more like 8 or 9.
still impressive after 70 hours.

meanwhile, it looks like big’s is the first backyard to have 3 runners over 70 hours.
if they can all continue the insanity for two more hours
it will be the first to have 3 over 300 miles.

the fact that they all seem to have gone quite mad,that doesnt count against us,
does it?