they are in the 77th yard…

no, seriously, i really mean it this time.

the day is heating up quite nicely for those of us in camp.
which means pouring water on the runners between laps.

what has been particularly fun is watching the 2021 bigs backyard community form.
we have all been in this bubble together for the longest day.
and we have all played a role in what has turned into a very special moment.
the triplets have a complicated relationship.
they came as rivals.
athletes seek competition at this level to compete.
they came as rivals and they remain rivals today.
but they developed a bond on the roads and trails.
they have been through so much together.
all of us here are a part of the experience;
but no one shares the particular experience of running 77 (and counting) big’s yards except each other.
and they need each other.
i am sure any one of them,
told they could share a world record…

or win;
they would pick the win.

but every athlete would like to be a part of something special.
and here, this weekend
they are part of a magical happening.

and that magic would not be possible without each other..

i think that magic has spread to all of us who are here.
we all are a part of something more than just a competition.
an d we will always remember being a part of the weekend of bigs 2021…
the year that harvey, chris, and terumichi were at the center of the running world.