Stories from the Backyard

Laz's facebook posts (for hour completed) in chronological order.

Hour 73

anyone who was watching the live feed at 0805 got to see what i was talking about.305 miles into the big's backyard ultra(early in yard 74)terumichi and harvey are racing thru camp at breakneck speed.i am going to try to get that film for you to see.i am telling...

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Hour 70

it feels cruel.but it is the rules. when a backyarder is giving everything they have to finish a yard under the time limitand you greet them by blowing the whistleit just seems mean.but if it is time,it is time. chris has been dredging up a fast enough one-legged walk...

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Hour 69

the insanity continueswith 70 hours coming up next. chris continues to drag his rapidly deteriorating right leg down the road.we did not think he would make it last time. he did.somehow.but the leg is even worse, now.he still went out again. and if he can by some...

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Hour 68

inquiring minds want to knowis something about to change?is chris in a death spiral?he has been slowing down the last few laps.and he has started walking like chesterthis last lap he didnt get in until the whistles were about to start.and his leg was clearly a...

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Hour 67

67 hours are in the bank.and the three survivors are stiffly moving down the road towards tying the course record of 68 hours..this has been a long time coming..twice before the race has ended at 68.but i dont think there is any way we fall short of 72 this time.not...

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Hour 66

i dont know if there is quite any adequate way to describe the joy that is midnight to dawn on the third day of big's backyard.the center of activity is the timing tent.where the glowing red numbers of the digital clock slowly tick off the seconds.inside, the timer on...

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